Piecewise 21.12.0 Release Notes – Slightly Late Edition

Hi everyone! November has been a very busy month for me – I've been working on several new, big-ish features and tons of bug-fixes and usability improvements!

Before I start outlining what's new in Piecewise this month, I'd like to take the time to thank everyone who has supported Piecewise so far. I understand that the editor is still rough around the edges, and the documentation is a little sparse right now. I hope that – if it isn't already – Piecewise will grow and change into something you'll be able to use to learn programming or create bots rapidly.

Now then! Here's what's new in Piecewise 21.12:

Editor highlights

RSS feeds DLC

Piecewise's first DLC releases today! The RSS feed extension blocks allow you to monitor RSS feeds – common on news sites, blogs, or podcast hosts – for new items. You might use this functionality to, for example, create auto-posting news bots, or notify you about new podcast episodes.

RSS feeds

If you own Piecewise, send an email to contact[at]piecewise[dot]im with your Steam or itch.io profile URL and let me know how you plan to use Piecewise and this DLC to receive a free copy.* Otherwise, you can buy it individually on Steam or itch.io.

*Promotion ends December 14, 10am Pacific or while supplies last.

Steam Workshop

Steam Workshop support is now available in Piecewise, albeit in an unfinished and rough state. Upload your own or consume community-created addon blocks, templates, or custom styles to and from the Workshop. For more information on the Steam Workshop, see this page on doc.piecewise.im.

Share Blocks Online

Sharing blocks is now easier using the “Share Blocks Online” function. Simply right click the blocks you want to share, then select “Share Blocks Online” to get a piece.ws link that will automatically open the requested block set within Piecewise.


When requesting a lot of something (e.g. messages in a channel, members of a Discord server, statuses a user has written...) data is usually drip-fed across multiple requests instead of returned all at once. The “paginator” model, new in Piecewise, is designed to make it very easy to work with these types of structures. Simply use the “paginator” like you would any other loop.


To learn more about paginators, including their benefits and pitfalls, check out this page on doc.piecewise.im.

Welcome screen

Along with some slight visual tweaks, the welcome screen now displays the templates you have installed and the platforms they work with, so you can get started more quickly.




Piecewise now allows you to create, vote on, and view the results of polls using their associated blocks under Mastodon –> Polls.

Emoji reactions

If connected to a Pleroma server, Piecewise now allow you to determine the emoji reactions on a post using the emoji reactions to status block.

Other changes


Server management

You can now determine the owner of a server, the approximate member count of a server, leave servers, and determine what servers the bot is in using blocks in the Discord –> Servers category.


Determine who or what channel a message mentions, and if a message mentions you, using new blocks in the Discord –> Messages category.

Other changes

Breaking changes

While I try to keep compatibility with previous releases high, there are some instances where it's not feasible for me to do so. Here's a list of all of the things to watch out for when opening new projects in Piecewise 21.12:

Miscellaneous additions and fixes

Upcoming changes and looking ahead

I don't really have a lot planned this month – with the holidays getting in the way, I don't imagine I'll be nearly as productive. I do plan to work on at least the following, though:

I hope everyone has a safe and restful holiday, and thanks again for your support! The next release is tentatively scheduled for January 4th at 10am Pacific.