Piecewise is now available on itch.io!

Piecewise is now available on itch.io with a 10% launch discount!*

Piecewise is a tool for assembling (literally!) Discord, Mastodon/Pleroma, and Matrix chat bots (with more platforms planned in the future!) using a friendly puzzle-like format.

Easy to learn Skip confusing syntax and dive right into logic. Piecewise provides a friendly and familiar interface – even to beginners – based on a visual scripting framework.

Powerful Thanks to Piecewise's large coverage of the platform tools it uses, you'll have full control of a lot of the features you'd expect from a bot written from scratch.

Multi-platform Create bridges from one platform to another, or make your bot play nice with everyone: the possibilities are endless.

Shareable Write an interesting function? Share it with the world using the “Share Blocks” feature, or turn to the community to find functions to add to your bots.

Pluggable Purchase extension packs or make your own to plug into services that provide rich data.

Export and run anywhere Ready for prime time? Easily export and run your bot anywhere; on your computer or on a remote server.

For experienced developers, too Looking for a rapid development tool for chat bots? Piecewise provides a simple interface – no more syntax errors, no finagling with your environment, no more mess. Build bots of any complexity, click the Play button, and you're online.

* Offer ends December 3, 10am Pacific